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: More than 140 multi-family housing units were developed between September 2015 and September 2016. With over 31 single family units created.

: We successfully delivered services to our core constituents-89% African Americans, 22% female head of households with children, 17% two-parent households and 7% male-led households with children.



Our mission is to create opportunities for wealth creation among populations of color through advocacy, financial education and the development of comprehensive housing solutions. HOMECo was formed in direct response to racial and economic disparities in Minnesota. Four African American-led organizations-Aurora St. Anthony Neighborhood Development Corporation (ASANDC), Build Wealth Minnesota (BWM), Camphor Fiscally Fit Center (CCFC), and Model Cities, Inc. of St. Paul, came together to create the Housing Opportunities Made Equitable Collaborative-HOMECo. Our goal is to create strategies that strengthen the well-being of families living in concentrated areas of poverty, placing them on pathways to prosperity.

Our Mission

The word, ‘community’ is the cornerstone of HOMECo’s model. The investigation of need, the conversation with community partners and constituents, the development of service strategies and leveraging resources are essential to HOMECo’s approach to resolving socio-economic disparities. Since our debut in 2014, HOMECo has served more than 2,500 households and raised, leveraged and/or deployed over $100 million for lending, housing and rental development.

The HOMECo model is executed through 4 strategic priorities.
Here are a few program highlights to date:
Financial Education & Support Services

Housing Development

Financial Education & Support Services


Through culturally-competent delivery of proven evidence-based practices, such as Four Corners of Financial Literacy, Homestretch, Family Stabilization Plan, Credit Smart and others, we’ve served over 2,500 families.

More than 2,577 Households Served.

Lending Services

HOMECo has provided $16.7 million in mortgage loans, $55,400 in consumer loans, $852,750 in down payment assistance and $537,000 in Community Land Trust assistance.

Lending Services
More than $18.15 Million deployed for Homeownership, Consumer Loans and Small Business Loans.

Mixed Development

Raised for Housing
& Retail Development
Mixed Development

Community Engagement Trailblazers

HOMECo is committed to sharing their learnings to advance economic opportunities in and across all communities of color. Our collaborative leadership team has applied an intentional approach to leadership development that encourages succession planning and the successful transfer of knowledge to the next generation. HOMECo has convened several planning groups and workshops to educate community on the HOMECo model.

: HOMECo earned national recognition and financial resources to build on our holistic community development model. Partners include, the NAACP, Prosperity Now, the African American Leadership Forum, NEON and MEDA to name a few.

: HOMECo has become a portal for households to build financial wealth through collaborative partnerships with the City of Minneapolis, Habitat for Humanities, HIRED, Hmong American Partnership, NICOA and others.

Community Engagement Trailblazers

HOMECo provided $16.7 million in mortgage loans, $55,400 in consumer loans, $852,750 in down payment assistance, and $537,000 in Community Land Trust assistance. HOMECo has leveraged more than $60 Million in residential mortgage funding for first time buyers with community lending partners to more than 300 households.

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